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The full game is now available on Itch: https://bonusstagepublishing.itch.io/janitor-bleeds

JANITOR BLEEDS is a retro-inspired horror game set in an old arcade, appearing out of nowhere. A mysterious arcade machine called JANITOR beckons you to play itself, releasing a horrible force upon the player. The only way to survive is to keep playing, but the further you go, the more the events of the arcade game start to influence the real world. When your eyes are glued to the screen, who knows what might be happening right behind your back?


  • WASD -  Movement
  • Mouse 1 - Interact
  • Press CTRL - Crouch
  • Hold CTRL / C - Prone
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, Mouse wheel - Change equipped item
  • E - Enter and exit play mode
  • ESC - Pause

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Alien monster

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good game

The arcade was so spooky. Thank you for sharing I had an awful (great) time!


ayo why cant i play


i just watched the gameplay and its INCREDIBLE. reminds me of that song "cabinet man" by lemon demon. btw, i really liked the soundtrack and im OBSESSED with the source theme, it gave me goosebumps! did you produce it?

Glad to hear, thank you! The soundtrack is all original work!


The full game is finally out, congratulations to the Dev! I played the demo a year ago and have been waiting ever since.

Thanks for making games!

Thank you so much for the YouTube video. :)

The full game is available here: https://bonusstagepublishing.itch.io/janitor-bleeds

Jugue esto para un video y la tematica del juego es simplemente genial, la ambientacion es lo mejor y esta muy escalofriante, tuve algunos problemas de lag pero espero se solucionen optimizando el juego.

I played this for a video and the theme of the game is awesome, the scenario is the best and its very scary, I had some lag troubles but I hope they will be solved by optimizing the game.

NEW Beta Gameplay, really fun and spooky!

I like the graphics and the sound. It got me good a few times, true 'backrooms' experience.


Janitor bleeds full gameplay + ending 

Nice. Thank you for the video :)

Why is it private


Very creepy and has a lot of promise.  Going to keep my eye on this one.

Thank you. Development is going on strong.


Hate de le faire en entier,il est super 

Merci beaucoup


I'm looking forward to the full game for this as I felt the demo was well made. I'm intrigued by the main concept and I love the PS1 look to the game too. I feel it makes games a bit creepier, especially if they're in the horror genre.

Thank you. Full game is on the way :)


Now this is what you call a demo! Very well put together and definitely leaving you wanting more. I cant express how devastated i was when it ended. Will unquestionably be looking forward to the full release! Just excellent! 


Can’t wait for the full game to be released you did an absolute amazing job! Can’t wait to see what’s next. When the bear turned his head I almost died lol 

Thank you. Heart attack is guaranteed in the full version of the game ;)


Really blindsided by how effectively the demo spooked me. Really curious to see where this goes.

You would be horrified if you knew how spooky this game will be...

Que demo maravilhosa! adorei e estou muito ansioso pelo jogo completo! adoro fliperamas. Uma das melhores demos que já joguei, parabéns

Muito obrigado.

can you escape the glitch thing in 1-???

Yes you can...


bro this game scared the FREAK out of me the first pc game I've ever played that really made me stop recording because it was so scary but thank you for making this game all together my report is AAA for AAAAHAAHAHAHAHAH get it cuz you will be screaming...


That's nice to hear. You screaming I mean :D


AWESOME Horror experience! I love the concept and the asthetics :) Can't wait for the full release.


I really love the demo and can't wait for the full game, two things I noticed (that probably have already been fixed):

Going to the options menu repeatedly during gameplay broke the text and screen overlays. It all turned to missingno-style glitch boxes and I couldn't see the items bar or crouch indicator

There needs to be an option to disable motion blur. The high default sensitivity is bad enough but just turning around hurts my eyes.

Thank you. We have noted your feedback as well.


Keen for the full release!


Hey thank you for the video!


This was one of my favorite games in my streaming series "Horror With The Lads",

and I am really interested what this game may look like once it gets released, I quite enjoyed the demo and the atmosphere and style are nailed perfectly!

it wont let me open the game nor go full screen


I am so excited for the full release of this! This was a lot of fun :)


Great Game! 


Happy.. Good game im satisfied..

Holy Moly mother of 90s feet smelling arcade carpet!
Such a good demo! I cant wait for the full game and also other games the devs have in mind! Keep up the good work guys!


played the whole game but  please tell new players to put money in the money thingy i wasted my time pressing buttons then i found out i had to put money in the thingy


Nice Game !

Hello, I played your game. I am not sure if that was supposed to be the experience but still, it was pretty good.

I even made a video about it. If you like you can check it here.


I love how markiplier played this game

i cant run the goddamn game pls help

it keeps crashing

Could you try again now? We have updated the demo. 


A digital janitor, Weird lights and Teddy's causeing hearth attacks, what more do you need?

This game looks so promising, cant wait to play more!!


Super excited to see this game come to full release on steam, seriously a super neat, unique game! You guys are awesome!! 

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you so much this Awesome Game.:)

My game crashes right after booting :(



The sound score is really good it makes the suspense even more terrifying 10/10

Looks very goood! I'm excited to see the full version!


Enjoyed the demo for the game! I'm excited for the full version of this game! The game managed to jumpscare me a few times. I liked the atmosphere and objectives for this game as well! 

el juego se cierra que hago para solucionarlo


¿Cuál de los tres juegos lo hace?escape ,dark space o the brothers


Quale dei tre giochi lo fa?escape ,dark space o the brothers


lo más probable es que la versión sea demasiado pesada en términos de rendimiento, en este momento estamos trabajando en dos juegos que se lanzarán pronto, después de los dos juegos haremos algunos cambios, tiene tres juegos en la tienda, disculpe las molestias, puede intente eliminarlo y volver a descargarlo, tal vez se repare solo.


la versione è molto probabilmente troppo pesante in termini di prestazioni, al momento stiamo lavorando a due giochi in uscita a breve, dopo i due giochi faremo alcune modifiche, hai tre giochi nel negozio, scusa per l'inconveniente, tu puoi provare a cancellarlo e riscaricarlo, forse si riparerà da solo.


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