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JANITOR BLEEDS is a retro-inspired horror game set in an old arcade, appearing out of nowhere. A mysterious arcade machine called JANITOR beckons you to play itself, releasing a horrible force upon the player. The only way to survive is to keep playing, but the further you go, the more the events of the arcade game start to influence the real world. When your eyes are glued to the screen, who knows what might be happening right behind your back?


  • WASD -  Movement
  • Mouse 1 - Interact
  • Press CTRL - Crouch
  • Hold CTRL / C - Prone
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, Mouse wheel - Change equipped item
  • E - Enter and exit play mode
  • ESC - Pause

Wishlist the game on Steam: tinyurl.com/janitorsteam

Alien monster

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Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date 67 days ago
AuthorsKorpus, ThogeTG, piupii, norsunkieli, tammukka
Made withUnity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter & designer, Krita
TagsHorror, Low-poly, ps1, PSX
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse



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this game is really good the mechanics are solid and the atmosphere is great I like the mix of arcade game and first person the monster is a little lackluster but is still creepy and at worst just not that scary if you want to check out my playthrough of this here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate it and consider subscribing it really helps my channel grow

 (also I'm really close to 100 subs and that would be cool to hit soon)


Really enjoyable but tense demo! Can't wait for the full game to come out! Really liked the PS1 style graphics as well 

Feel free to check out my playthrough and let me know what you think! With our car breaking down, we find ourselves lost with only an abandoned arcade close by. Nothing could get worse, could it..?


Good game. I love the concept of linking the machine to the real world. It can be a great game with a little pampering. I leave my little gameplay.

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I had quite a lot of fun playing your game, it has a great concept.

Your game is the first one in a 3 random horror games.

Some of those teddy bears freaked me out.

I liked it, but I unfortunately wasn't able to complete it. I had constant issues with the UI textures swapping places and such, and I wasn't able to tell what I was highlighting or selecting.

I think this is an issue with the latest AMD drivers. I've been having more issues since updating, from graphics bugs to driver crashes even so far as complete system hangs.


I was so into it I didn't want it to end! I had legitimate sadness when I reached where the demo ended. Atmosphere is great and mechanics were awesome (especially the door key stuff.) I really hope I see more of this someday! Here's my playthrough if you're interested. Thanks so much for making it! 


Super Awesome! Love how you set up the suspense with the arcade machine in the office, I was so nervous going around that corner cuz I thought I knew that thing was gonna pop out. Deaths could be a bit scarier or climatic tho, also took me a bit to figure out I was supposed to pick up the flashlight in the beginning, could be more apparent. Overall super fun game cant wait to play the full release!


this looks cool


I really enjoyed this demo! Need to play the full game

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I checked out the video on youtube and its pretty cool! definitely getting this and thanks for the vid! I subbed :)


Waiting for the full game, this was the ish! Played it on my channel and got a few jumpscares, go check it out! 


Absolutely loved this demo


I loved playing this game! I found it on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. If you want to see my reaction, it's at 10:30. I am looking forward to the full game: the scares and atmosphere were amazing, and I'm really interested to know how we escape safely (or not) in the end!


Hey man great Game, I enjoyed playing through it. I have made a playthrough hope you like it


Hey man I really like your work, do you have a business email I could contact you by?

Thanks, you can contact us by officialkorpus@gmail.com

what was that? i see a ending called serect ending on the another bathroom and the do not plO


I am so excited for the full release of this! This was a lot of fun :)


Did a replay for the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 No Commentary Playlist

I still like it :)


I think it is a very, very, cool game! I love the graphics, and the way the game builds the atmosphere making you wander around the site is amazing. I also love the concept. Amazing game!!!


Really cool game and atmosphere, but changing resolution mid-game crashed it (couldn't alt-tab back into it despite it running) ,changing my system wide resolution and messed my desktop, icons, and OBS up in a rough way.

Also, having some stutters and slow framerates on a brand new 6800XT on current drivers, hence the resolution change attempt.

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This was a really amazing game. I loved the entire concept, it felt very unique. The game ran fine for me and I didn't experience any issues. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone interested in this genre. Here's a video I put together for you to check out


I love this, while I was playing I didn't feel safe for a second and I loved it! can't wait to see more!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM8iEzLnXS8


This is so cool!! I love the ambience you've created and I really want to see more of this story!! Nicely done!!

An error message appears saying that JANITORBLEEDS.exe stopped working! Can you help me


I am completely sold on this after playing the demo. Great dynamic with the real world being changed by the arcade machine. Very much enjoyed the PS1 aesthetics and the sound too. I'd love to play more, so I'll definitely be checking out the full version when it's released.

An awesome horror game without jumpscares. Everyone must try it.


Had such a fun time with this one! I recently played it as part of my horror game series (link provided with send to start time). perfect mix of eery and casual. Although i will not forgive you for the stuffed bear sitting in that one game LOL it has been added to my steam wishlist fersure! gr8 job!!

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In this game visuals, sounds and atmosphere, actually the whole package was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. It was scary but not too much. The scary atmosphere just kept you on your toes and while I had moment of relief when it ended I also felt sad since it ended. So now I'm looking forward to playing the full version in future :)


It's the scariest Walking Simulator I've ever played!


I loved the concept of that dark arcade, the graphic style, the details of the game inside having a map equal to the outside... I just think that the monster should change, for me at least i don't find it much scary, but besides that i think its great


This was such a cool demo! I loved the mechanic where playing the arcade game affects

/analytics/tab-overview/period-defaultreal-world gameplay. I hope to play the full release when it comes out.

Great, atmospheric demo - the game within a game mechanic led to some nail biting tension and JUST WHAT IS THE RED BLOB GLITCH THINGY?

Slow build up entering the arcade centre, but when that trashcan fell over...oooh boy. Looking forward to the finalised version!


I can't look away... I... I have to play it! 


I absolutely loved this demo! It has so much potential, and it was really creepy and well-done! Can't wait to play the full version!


I really enjoyed my time with this start to finish. Had my interest from the start with the mysertious arcade setting. I first thought that alot of time was passing and nothing was happening at the beginning (because I like to look around alot) but it set me up well for when things really kicked up (gave me the "good spook"). So you had me reeled in, the sounds and atmosphere really did it. The office interaction was also really great best part for me. 

I would have to say the baddy is very very under whelming. In some cases can be ok as long as it can have that "presence". The static monster has it sometimes... idk... when I don't see him is when it's the best. 

This is just a demo I know so hopefully I don't sound like to much or anything. I just really thought this game was really cool and pretty good too. GGs


A very neat experience.

The design is good, the different phases are nice, the level design is very well done.

Wishlisted, ofc.






Really enjoyed this! Love the pixel retro feel, and the concept of the game warping reality! Look forward to the full release! 

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