Enter the arcade: JANITOR BLEEDS opens up for a private beta — sign up now

Horror aficionados ahoy, JANITOR BLEEDS’ private beta is now accepting waitlist sign-up’s

Valentine’s day is the spookiest of all the seasons! And this year we’re bringing something sweet, lovely, cuddly, and friggin’ frightening for all the horror lovers out there!

Yep, that’s right: JANITOR BLEEDS is soon opening up the private beta playtesting — that means that YOU can PLAY the game way before anyone else!

How does the private beta work?

  • Sign up  here
  • We send you JANITOR BLEEDS Steam key
  • If you have feedback, you can tell us your thoughts
  • If you don’t have any feedback, just enjoy the game

So, sign up here and we will get back to you within a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, join our Discord here.


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Just lettin ya know, your discord link isn't working

Edit: nevermind, only this link isn't working, the rest on the page seem to work fine.