Publishing deal for JANITOR BLEEDS

This is an official press release from our PUBLISHER! Yay! This is happening! Consoles and everything!

Old-school survival horror game JANITOR BLEEDS confirmed for release in 2022 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation

Today, Bonus Stage Publishing and Korpus are horrified to announce that JANITOR BLEEDS will be launching on PC and consoles in early 2022!

Step into the world of an abandoned amusement arcade and find JANITOR, an old arcade game mysteriously inviting you to look deeper and deeper into itself. Suddenly JANITOR starts to take control of your life and the whole world, and the only way for you to survive is to find some more coins to keep playing it.

Or is it JANITOR, who is playing you? You must remember the evil force is in the game, and also slowly creeping into the real world, so you will never know what's behind your back right now...

The creepy survival horror game, JANITOR BLEEDS, is inspired by the video games and arcade halls of the 90s. The visual style honors the nostalgic vibes of old-school games from PlayStation 1 era but has been brought up to modern standards. The game has you investigate the arcade and solve puzzles in order to go forward. JANITOR's horrors bleed in to the real world and create a horrifying and exciting world to solve mysteries. 

Actual footage and gameplay clips from JANITOR BLEEDS

Actual footage and gameplay clips from JANITOR BLEEDS

The game is created by a Finnish studio, Korpus. JANITOR BLEEDS' Game Designer Elias Massa tells us about the ideology behind the game: "Horror fans who have fond memories of spending time in arcades will love JANITOR BLEEDS. As well as people who like to play games with concepts they haven't quite seen before. We hope we have captured the mysterious atmosphere of the arcades of the past and will manage to take the players on an unforgettable journey. While terrifying the hell out of them, of course."

The game has already been found by tens of thousands of people by its demo. Some influencers, like Markiplier, featured the game on their channels, and there is a fanbase eagerly waiting for more shivers along their spines to arrive. JANITOR BLEEDS will surely be a welcomed addition for the fans of horror games.

The game is being published by Bonus Stage Publishing and it will come out on PC (Windows, Linux, macOS), Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation in 2022. Meanwhile waiting for the full game to be released, JANITOR BLEEDS has an open demo on Itch, on Steam, and an open testing session currently running on the G.Round platform.


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