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This is really good until the monster appears, when it basically becomes unplayable for me. The very limited stamina for running is awful, but it's the doors that are the real problem. They require mouse movement, they don't stop when they are closed but continue to swing past the center point, the monster can block them, and you have to do this while also running away? I guess I'm just not that skilled anymore.

I'll come back and give it another couple tries, but I really hate when I'm enjoying good horror and then I die literally ten times in a row due to finicky controls.

Seconded. I was all in and really invested, but this sequence is way too cumbersome and frustrating.


got this game in the ukraine bundle, for some reason all of the notes show the same text and have a glitched texture and so i cant get out of the first room, not really sure why?


I have the exact same issue :(

Hi and thanks for letting us know! Are you sure you have .NET 3.5 framework installed? We've noticed similar issues when .NET was not installed correctly or missing

I do, I also tried disabling and re-enabling 3.5 through windows and it didn't seem to make a difference

Enjoyed playing this game and would like to discover endings

So far, enjoyable, will keep all posted on my findings and take on it after beating the game

I would very much like to play it is VERY GOOD, the bad thing is that you have to pay and I don't have a credit card or anything, when will it be free to play?

Around how long is this game?

- L

It takes generally around 2 hours to see the ending.